There is an entire community that makes up our world that is not being accurately included due to our internalized biases about what they are capable of.  It is up to all of us to design organizations and structures WITH young people for the benefit of ALL.  
— Addie Lentzner 

What we know is the long-term and global impacts go far beyond youth themselves. Adults are changed by Youth Infusion. The structure of an organization transforms through Youth Infusion. Ultimately our culture changes because of youth infusion. Youth are not a problem to be fixed. They are a resource in the world to be engaged and infused. It is not simply hoping for the best to benefit young people but to benefit all people.
          — Adam F. C. Fletcher

A personal and structural method, Youth Infusion can defeat adultism, stop alienation, enhance community bonds, increase solidarity, and build hope. White supremacy, gender normativity, cultural bias, and many other forms of discrimination can be confronted with Youth Infusion too.

We continue to hold teens in this status as minors.  We need to take off that label and see them as people first. 
— Wendy Lesko

In our approach to Youth Infusion, we support nonprofits, government agencies, and others through:

  • Organizational Development
  • Program Assessment and Design
  • Staff Professional Development
  • Community Trainings
  • And Much More

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