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Inclusive intergenerational interdependence is happening! Instead of excluding an entire segment of the population based solely on their minor and often “minority” status, organizations are recognizing the win-win of working “with” the rising generation.

Often bringing youth into the fold does not feel true or authentic but performative. Support comes from the top and the work is long-term and challenging. There is learning for both adults and youth because we are not taught how to be in partnerships. [Our latest webinar]

HOW DO I RECRUIT TEENS TO ADVANCE OUR ORGANIZATION’S MISSION? Click here to book 60-minute strategy session.

Join this New Era of
Inclusive Intergenerational Interdependenc

  1.    Interact more with thinkers of all ages and backgrounds

  2.     See the world through the eyes of the rising generation

  3.      Expand my diverse circle of colleagues

  4.      Invite minors into the major league

  5.      Deepen my expertise by those with lived experience

  6.      Oxygenate my imagination and idealism

  7.       Laugh more!

  8.       Collaborate as a co-pilot with teens

  9.       Strengthen our internal democratic practices

  10.      Boost our organization’s impact!!

We’ve Got Strategies.

Youth Infusion begins with a simple, cutting-edge concept. Instead of working “for” young people, community-based coalitions, advocacy groups, nonprofits, K-12 schools, and government agencies shift to working “WITH” young people to bolster the impact of your organization’s work.

This intentional intergenerational approach provides opportunities in the real world where young people share power with adults by contributing their insights and ideas from co-creation to advocacy and evaluation of programs and policies. The result: they prove their strength to themselves and the larger community. In return, dedicated professionals derive energy as young collaborators fuel new thinking and remedies that may have become stale to the adult world.

Our workshops and consulting include the following strategies:

  • Visualizing Individual and Institutional Values + Growth
  • Learning Variety of Ways Organizations Infuse Youth
  • Understanding Systems Change
  • Evaluating Organizational Readiness
  • Designing with Staff Procedures, Policies + Priorities
  • Providing Professional Development + Coaching

Take Action With Us!

1. To explore our coaching and consulting, evaluation and assessments, and training and professional development opportunities, contact us.

2. Read our posts about pioneering organizations that recognize what a difference it makes to co-pilot with young people!

3. Check out our comprehensive course that includes: 

  • Reimagining Our Organization 
  • Confronting Resistance to Youth Infusion
  • Creating a Cadre of Collaborators 
  • Sustaining Intergenerational Synergy 

With more than 50 years of combined experience as practitioners and advocates for Youth Infusion, Wendy Lesko and Adam F. C. Fletcher along with our Gen Z Speaker’s Bureau are ideal resources for you, your organization, and your community as you move forward. See what else we do here »

Nonprofit directors, youth workers, government staff, elected officials, education leaders, classroom teachers and counselors, foundation program officers, and others can find encouragement, empowerment, and enlightenment when they work with us!

We are most committed to transforming the roles of young people as strategic thinkers, problem-solvers and advocates, especially in education, environment, public health, juvenile justice and law enforcement. All of our offerings are offered online.