Our workshops, keynotes, consulting and coaching all are tailored for each organization’s mission and priorities.


Our workshops are designed for senior staff, board members, youth workers, teachers, parents, counselors, funders, policy advocates, and elected officials.  Each one, facilitated by our intergenerational team, is

  • Customized with clear objectives
  • Hands-on and interactive
  • Practical with real outcomes
  • Inspiring and thought-provoking

Participants will receive resource materials and access to our private Facebook group.


This mega-workshop covers both why and how to adopt the cutting-edge concept of substantive and sustained collaboration with teens. After considering the pros and cons, participants will outline an initial strategy to bring Youth Infusion into their organization and also draft a blueprint that covers 10 crucial steps designed to strengthen the mission and impact.


Get ready to explore possibilities! Appreciative inquiry drives this workshop. Together, we ask big questions about why it’s important to intentionally include historically marginalized populations, and specifically, to envision and infuse teen input in your organization. 


“You’ve got to be kidding!” In this workshop, we tackle this typical reaction to infusing teens in your organization, especially by staff who are stretched thin or don’t want to be someone’s parent. This candid discussion will confront our assumptions about teens as well as specific organizational resources and commitments.


“How do we begin?” This session will introduce effective approaches by nonprofits and government agencies across the U.S. that work with teens as colleagues. Then participants will map out a preliminary strategy to identify potential co-designers to develop organizational principles and practices.


“How do we prepare for inevitable challenges?” This session covers 10 crucial components, including a youth-friendly work culture. Participants will generate a step-by-step plan for intentional Youth Infusion designed to strengthen connections with underrepresented constituencies and augment the impact of your organization.

Contact us to discuss customizing this course for your organization!

Youth Infusion + Anti-Racism
Youth Infusion + Anti-Racism interactive online workshop by Wendy Lesko and Adam F.C. Fletcher


Working closely with your team, we co-create a blueprint that aligns with your mission and priorities. Here are a handful of specific strategies highlighted in our blog posts about pioneering organizations across the country on why and how Youth Infusion works.

Understanding Systems Change  

Evaluating Organizational Readiness

Designing with Staff Procedures, Policies & Priorities 

Providing Professional Development 


Adam and Wendy as well as our Gen Z experts can speak about trends and high impact examples of youth infusion to audiences of all ages. A few examples….

How are school boards and superintendents really collaborating with students–not in National Honor Society but those really struggling?

How are cities involving teens and young adults, particularly those who rely on public transit, parks, library services, etc?

How are advocacy organizations collaborating with youth-led movements that can influence policymakers and attract media coverage?

Let’s talk about what Wendy and Adam like to talk about!


Each participant will receive a packet with interactive exercises, resources specifically about best practices sustaining youth-adult partnerships, as well as recommended reading about dismantling white supremacy, and supplanting adultism with robust intergenerational collaboration.

Access to our private Facebook group which will provide ongoing opportunities to continue the this journey.

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