Our workshops, keynotes, consulting and coaching all are tailored for each organization’s mission and priorities.

Youth Infusion + Anti-Racism
Youth Infusion + Anti-Racism interactive online workshop by Wendy Lesko and Adam F.C. Fletcher

Our new online Youth Infusion + Anti-Racism workshop is designed for a maximum of 20 who might include senior leadership and/or board of directors, mid-level staff, frontline youth workers. We offer an introductory 45-minute session to highly interactive 3-6 hour workshop.

This workshop is guaranteed to propel individuals and organizations to deepen roles for youth of color everywhere, resulting in individual and institutional transformation.


We do workshops.

Keynote Speeches

Adam and Wendy can speak about trends and high impact examples of youth infusion to audiences of all ages.

How are school boards and superintendents really collaborating with students–not in National Honor Society but those really struggling?

How are cities involving teens and young adults, particularly those who rely on public transit, parks, library services, etc?

How are advocacy organizations that engage — not use — young people who can influence policymakers and attract media coverage?

Let’s talk about what Wendy and Adam like to talk about!


We give speeches.

Coaching and Consulting

Do you face resistance even considering Youth Infusion? We know the common arguments from “Working with kids would drive me crazy” to “We don’t have time or money.”

Wendy and Adam can schedule a one-hour meeting to full day strategy session on how best to get initial buy-in by your organization.

Are you struggling with how to transform and restructure a lackluster youth advisory committee?

Are you having difficulties recruiting and retaining people of color, especially the disengaged?

Adam and Wendy know firsthand about these challenges. We can strategize together!


Each participant will receive a packet with interactive exercises, resources specifically about best practices sustaining youth-adult partnerships, as well as recommended reading about dismantling white supremacy, and supplanting adultism with robust intergenerational collaboration.

Access to our private Facebook group which will provide ongoing opportunities to continue the this journey.